Flight Training in the heart of the Annapolis Valley

Flying Club

Call us today at 902-824-5303 to start your journey to becoming a pilot!

Whether you’re an experienced pilot or a newly licensed pilot, AVFTCI has a professionally maintained fleet
available for rental and flight training.

Our annual membership allows use of our aircraft simply by booking through our online scheduler.

Upon joining, you’ll meet our professional team, review our aircraft and policies and go for a flight review.
After completing your flight review with one of our instructors you’re now free to schedule at your convenience through our online scheduler.

Has it been a few years since you practiced a forced approach? Still unsure about crosswind landings?
Give us a call and one of our experienced instructors will build your confidence, give you tips and help get the dust off that headset!

“Blue skies and tailwinds!”

Examination Centre:
We are now an authorized center for Transport Canada written examinations.

Our Fleet

Come check out our freshly overhauled aircraft.

Cessna 172M C-GHKP

O-320 E2D 160 hp
38 gal fuel tanks
Garmin GNS430W
KX165A Nav/Com 2
894 lb Usefuel load
IFR Certified

Cessna 172M C-GTRA

O-320 E2D 160 hp
38 gal fuel tanks
Garmin GNS530W
Garmin G5 AI and HSI
825 lb Usefuel load
IFR Certified

Piper PA-22 Tri Pacer – CF-KZD

O-320 160 hp
36 gal fuel tanks
Garmin Aera 660 GPS
825 lb Useful Load
VFR Only

Float Ratings now available!

Our Rates (per hour unless noted)

Instruction/Rental Rate:Rate/Hour:
Discovery Flight (~ 30 mins)$125.00
Sightseeing (up to 3 passengers)$310.00
Rental – Hourly (Cessna 172M)$205.00
Rental – Hourly (Piper PA22-150)$195.00
Rental – Hourly (Piper PA22-150 Seaplane)$TBD
Rental – Hourly (Coming Soon – Multi)$TBD
Instructor – Hourly (RPP, PPL, CPL)$ 70.00
Instructor – Class 1, CFI or Assistant CFI$ 75.00
Instructor – Night, VFR OTT, Instrument or Multi Rating$ 85.00
Instructor – Class 4 Instructor Rating/Private Aircraft$ 90.00
Annual Membership$ 50.00
Prices are subject to change without notice

Our online ground school is now available! Get started now...