Ground School

Launch your aviation journey with our private pilot ground school

Contact Josh (902-824-5303) to register for our in-class private pilot ground school.

Location: AVFTCI Classroom, Greenwood
Dates: Starting November 5th, 2023 for 5 weeks.
Sundays – 6pm – 9pm
Tuesdays – 6pm – 9pm
Thursdays – 6pm – 9pm

Topics to be Covered:
Theory of Flight
Flight Instruments
Flight Operations
Civil Aviation Regulations
Human Factors
Practice Exam and Review

Supplies Required: Flight Training Manual, Cessna 172 POH, Moncton VNC, Aeronautical Information Manual and Sharper Edge Private Pilot Examination Preparation Guide. Don’t worry, we got you covered and have them in stock if you need additional supplies.

Our online ground school is now available! Get started now...